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June Newsletter

Essential Workers
June 2020 Newsletter
Our Final Expansion
Center for Solace has just completed our final expansion and the addition of 6 new therapists. As before, our Clinical Director Dr. Becky Rudd has handpicked the therapists based on a similar relational philosophy for working with clients, dedication to evidence-based practices and a lifetime of learning, and passion to retain the client-centered therapeutic approach. We have a remarkable team of therapists who are personally driven to do the best for each client. Please check out our Facebook page to learn more about our new therapists.
Covid-19 Pandemic and Mental Health Awareness
As we move into our 13th week of the Covid-19 pandemic, the initial shock and anxiety has waned giving way to impatience and hopelessness. We are prepared to support our clients through this difficult time with continued use of telehealth and the slow re-introduction of in-person sessions. Our staff have been thoroughly trained to ensure a safe environment for clients as we move into the new normal. Here is a brief summary of the changes we have enacted to ensure your safe return to the office.
  • Staff will have their temperature taken and are screened at the beginning of each shift for symptoms of covid-19
  • Visitors to the Center fill out a form to attest asymptomatic presentation then have their temperature recorded. We collect contact information should this be needed in the event of an exposure.
  • Hand sanitizer is plentiful throughout the Center
  • Staff and visitors have adequate hand washing stations and supplies.
  • Masks are available for staff and visitors
  • Signs are visibly posted encouraging use of masks when 6 feet distance cannot be maintained
  • The Center undergoes a rigorous cleaning of all high-touch areas at least 2 times per day
  • Doors to the Center remain open to avoid exposure to unnecessary high-touch points
  • Staff have undergone additional training to ensure the health and safety of clients
  • We continue to offer telehealth to the majority of clients
While we do not know how or when the covid-19 pandemic will cease, we do know that we must come to live with it somehow. Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapy techniques to assist clients in finding happiness, confidence and hopefulness during these most uncertain times.
Enjoy this article? You would enjoy therapy with Jenn Joralemon (see below)
The Pandemic from A Meaning and Purpose Perspective: A Reset
For many of us, the covid-19 pandemic is one of the longest periods of sustained global uncertainty we might ever face. On one hand the unfamiliar tragedy paired with continuous exposure has allowed us to become desensitized to the full effect of our situation. On the other, the resilience of the human condition cushions us from the hardships forward in what is likely a new normal. This article will explore the hidden meaning and purpose the pandemic has uncovered.
Featured Therapist: Jenn Joralemon MS, LMHC, NCC
Jenn’s introspective and compassionate style driven by an existential-humanistic lens helps clients uncover truths about themselves that have otherwise been hidden. She helps clients get to know themselves on a deeper level. 
Jenn’s areas of treatment specialty:
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety and death anxiety
  • Life transitions
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