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Play Therapy

Our Approach To Play Therapy

Effective therapeutic change occurs when an individual can identify what is causing their problems, learn how to go about changing their behavior or environment, and use new skills or insight to bring about lasting change. All this requires abstract thought and the capacity for advanced reasoning skills which children under the of 10 do not yet possess, and those ages 11 to 17 only partially realize.

Young children are concrete thinkers which mean they learn best by having direct contact with people, places or things. Consequently, traditional talk therapy requires abstract thought, an expansive and diverse vocabulary along with advanced reasoning skills all of which are foreign or cumbersome for children or adolescents.

Children across the globe learn, explore and understand their world through play so it only makes sense that therapists can use the developmentally appropriate use of play to help children understand, express, and cope with life’s most difficult problems.

We use fun, interactive and concrete play opportunities to ensure our therapists will observe the concerning symptoms or behaviors in question and work with your child to build new skills, express needs more clearly or understand life’s difficult tragedies.

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Frequently asked questions

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Our Trained Play Therapists

Our play therapists have received specialized training, supervised experience and either certified or working through the rigorous certification process.