Coming Soon: Quarterly Professional Training in Spokane

Center for Solace will soon be offering quarterly training for mental health professionals. We will offer CEs for mental health counselors and social workers.

2020 Topics:

  • Evidence-based practice for treating Tourettes Syndrome
  • Child-Centered Play Therapy Foundation & Skills Training
  • Sand Tray Therapy using a Cognitive Approach
  • Navigating Ethical Issues when working with Children of Divorcing or Divorced Parents

Dates and times TBD. Number of CEs and cost of event will be posted at the beginning of 2020.

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Why Play Therapy: The Nuts and Bolts of Child-Centered Play Therapy

Play Therapy continues to grow in demand as a developmentally appropriate method for therapeutic work with children. Social workers to mental health counselors and even registered nurses have begun looking to the theory and techniques of child-centered play therapy. The Association for Play Therapy continues to credential individuals and university programs to provide play therapy training and supervision across the world but many areas, including Spokane, lack play therapy resources and trainings. This introductory training provides a wealth of information from why we use play therapy to what is play therapy and even techniques. The instructor uses examples and stories to help new clinicians understand both the complexities and value of child-centered play therapy. This presentation has been presented to and received outstanding reviews from the American Counseling Association, Frontier Behavioral Health, Children's Home Society, Washington Association for Play Therapy, Washington Counseling Association Annual Conference and the Chi Sigma Iota Professional Development Series.


A Unique Approach for a Unique Population: Therapeutic Activities for LGBTQ+ Youth

This workshop specifically examines the common stressors faced by LGBTQ youth and corresponding treatment or process activities. While the LGBTQ+ population represents those in the sexual minority, the presenters will also acknowledge the intersection of other diverse factors such as ethnicity, SES, geographic location etc. which heavily influence the experiences of these youth.

Click on each for handouts:
PowerPoint Handout
Rainbows to Rainbows
Coming out
Assertiveness Four Square

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Therapy Inside the Box: Sandplay and Sand Tray Therapy with Children Through Adults

This engaging and dynamic speaker will help mid-level to advance clinicians learn about the usefulness of sand tray as part of a therapeutic work with clients. Participants will learn a brief history about sand tray and an atheoretical approach to understanding sand tray work through the participant’s own theoretical lens. Participants will learn how to obtain and set up a sand tray including minatures. Furthermore, a detailed overview on ways to understand and process the sand tray experience with clients. Participants will observe the instructor conducting a role play using sand tray therapy and each person will have an opportunity to both create a sand tray and process a tray with a partner. This presentation has been presented to and received outstanding reviews from participants at: Washington Association for Play Therapy, Children’s Home Society, Eastern Washington University and Masters of Social Work Program.


Navigating Ethical Issues of Children from Divorced or Divorcing Families

The purpose of this program is to provide participants with an ethical and legal grounding for navigating working with children who come from divorced, or divorcing parents with specific discussion on child custody cases. The objectives of this presentation include examining the 2014 American Counseling Association code of ethics to determine the counselor's role and responsibility in these cases and suggestions on how to incorporate the participant's state law into practice. This presentation has been presented to and received high reviews from: American Counseling Association, Washington State Association for Play Therapy, Lutheran Community Services, Washington Counseling Association, Chi Sigma Iota.