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About Us


We are committed to being at the forefront of knowledge, education and leadership in the field of mental and behavioral health to ensure we provide the most efficient and effective behavioral health care to individuals, couples and families.


Center for Solace will be the premier provider for counseling services in the Spokane area. 

About Our Director and Center

Dr. Becky Rudd, the CEO and Clinical Director of Center for Solace, envisioned a counseling center that was staffed by the highest-quality, most theoretically sound, relationship-focused therapists who possessed an innate desire for a lifetime of learning. She knew the one-size-fits-all generalist training approach to mental health was wholly inadequate and, in time of evidence-based practices, wanted to work with therapists who were inherently passionate about specialized training, supervised experience and mastery of evidence-based practices. Clients can rest easy knowing therapists chosen to join Center for Solace have met rigorous qualifications, receive ongoing consultation by specialists and put the therapeutic relationship in the center of all we do.

Our Client Support Staff

Lesa Boulton

Client Support Specialist Manager

Erin Artman

Client Support Specialist II

Gregg Baum

Client Support Specialist II

Our Program and Billing Support Staff

Abbi Iverson

Program Director

Savannah Severson

Billing Support Specialist II