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Our Workplace Values

To achieve our vision, we must be inspired to be our best, and to be our best we must have purpose. Our Mission guides our way.
“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” - Nietzsche
While we all strive towards the same vision, we cannot assume we are all motivated by the same path.
Life Balance
While our work gives us purpose, our life outside work gives us meaning. One must have both to be whole.
Family Comes First
When the unwavering love and commitment to our family is truly understood, we will never be asked or made to put anything else before.
Workplace Relationships
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. African Proverb
We should not be measured by where we end up, but rather the effort, courage, grit, determination, and tribulations that we endured to get there. To only be acknowledged at the outcome undermines the most important part.
Isolation breeds doubt, anxiety, confusion, and second-guesses. Whereas interpersonal relationships bring confidence, direction, clarity, and familiarity that cannot be manufactured alone.
We are like the pumpkin seed. With only a few requirements, in endless abundance, we can grow into what we were meant to be. There is not a path for us to follow, but a call to follow the passions that create a path.
In all we do.

Open Clinical Positions

No current clinical positions

Internship: Graduate and Undergraduate

Graduate Level Internship
In fulfillment of a Graduate Program in the Social Service Field
We strive to offer a unique and rich internship experience in a group practice environment.
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Undergraduate Internship
Taking applicants for Fall of 2022
In fulfillment of an undergraduate internship experience in the social service field.
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Open Administrative Positions

Client Support Specialist I
Full-time position
Join a supportive and welcoming team
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Application Instructions:

Please compile the following documents and submit via email to ATTN: Dr. Becky Rudd @ opportunities@centerforsolace.com

  • Upload a cover letter which details how your experience pertains to the minimum and preferred position criteria
  • A resume
  • 3 References