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Mental Health Therapist: Full-time

Posted 09/08/2022

We are proud to create a work place that strives for the perfect balance between the benefits of private practice (choose your own schedule, pick your favorite clients, work for a group practice that is truly about supporting you and your interests) along with the benefits of agency work (consistent paychecks, paid time off, coverage when on vacation, benefits, in-house administrative and billing teams, an amazing work-“family.”)

We are looking for a therapist who has a passion and drive for using evidence-based practices and pursuing certifications in these areas. Our ideal candidate would be someone who wants the clinical freedom of private practice but desires the safety and security of agency work. We provide a flexible benefits package that is sure to meet the desired needs of any therapist.

Our Clinical Positions:

  • We offer various position types which cater to different career ideals desired along with a flexible benefit package, or Cafeteria Plan, that ensures each employee receives the benefits most desired.
  • We highly encourage and support therapists choosing their ideal case types and population. We strongly believe that when the therapist is successful and happy, the client is successful, and when the client is successful, our group practice is successful. We are against a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting your caseload.
  • We provide consultation or supervision to therapists at no cost.
  • 1 paid clinical meeting hour per week
  • 1 paid administrative hour per week
  • Bill 25 client hours per week 
  • Our group practice affords a wonderful location, beautifully decorated offices, professional location with ample parking for clients and free parking for staff.
  • A full administrative and billing staff to ensure a level of legal, emotional, financial, and physical security.
  • Customized Medical, Vision and Dental benefits package to meet every person’s need and CFS pays 75% of employee premium.
  • $1200 stipend per year for education, consultation or certification
  • Retirement plan. We match an employee’s contribution up to 3%.
  • Complementary life insurance policy
  • Reimburse up to $150 per year for individual malpractice insurance.
  • We offer 8 paid holidays, 7 paid personal/sick days per year.
  • 3-5.2 weeks of vacation depending on the cafeteria plan chosen
  • Our Client Support Specialists will ensure you have less than a 1-3% unfilled appointment rate to reduce the length of your workweek
  • Administrative and billing staff collect all client balance and fees so therapists don’t have to
  • We charge and collect late cancel or no-show fees from clients so you get paid for those hours when collected.
  • We have built one of the most supportive, caring, compassionate, fun and lively group practices and have truly become a family.
  • Lastly, unlike private practice where you get paid when the insurance company decides to pay you (a feast and famine approach), we are able to pay our therapists for their billed hours every 2 weeks. Claim denials or claw backs are not put on the therapist.


All therapists are afforded their own office and accompanied furniture, electronic equipment, software licensing, and an addition $250 décor budget. 


To help support our group practice all full-time therapists must provide any 2 of the following: 1) 2 back-up on call appointments per month scheduled outside their normal schedule, 2) 2, 5pm appointments per week, 3) 1 full day off where an intern or Per Diem Therapist can use your office, 4) 1 mid-week half-day off per week (either 8-1 or 1-6), 5) supervise a graduate intern or Associate working towards licensure (get paid for supervision time)

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Masters or doctoral degree in Mental Health Counseling, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology or a related field
  • Licensed in one of the above fields in the state of Washington. We will seriously consider Associates who embody our mission and vision.
  • Grounded in a guiding theoretical orientation

Preferred Education and Experience Qualifications:

  • Additional training and/or certification in evidence-based practice or intent to pursue additional training in a specific areas

Additional Eligibility Qualifications

  • Complete a background check.
  • Must be able to function independently and have flexibility, personal integrity and the ability to work effectively with clients, staff and support agencies.
  • Must be able to relate to and work with ill, disabled, elderly, emotionally upset and at times hostile people within the Center.
  • Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
  • Hold an unencumbered license (Associate therapists considered)


Base rate per billable hour ($40-53) 


Please send your resume and a cover letter via email or address.

Attn: Dr. Becky Rudd
407 E 2nd Ave Suite 250
Spokane WA 99202.

Please ensure your cover letter addresses the following:

  • Your guiding theoretical orientation and approach to working with clients
  • Certifications or training you have pursued or plan to pursue.
  • Evidence-based practices you use in your work or would like to get more training

Application Instructions:

Please compile the following documents and submit via email to ATTN: Dr. Becky Rudd @ opportunities@centerforsolace.com

  • Upload a cover letter which details how your experience pertains to the minimum and preferred position criteria
  • A resume
  • 3 References