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Megan Sexton

Megan Sexton MSW, LSWAIC

License & Certifications

  • Licensed Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical 

Population Specialty

  • Adults

Treatment Specialty

    • Trauma and PTSD
    • Anxiety
    • Pregnancy, Prenatal and Post-Partum

Specialty Training

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy+

Population Ally

  • Aviation Professionals
  • Bisexual Allied
  • Body Positivity
  • Gay Allied
  • Intersex allied
  • Lesbian Allied
  • Little-Person Allied
  • Non-Binary Allied
  • Open Relationship/Non-Monogamy Allied
  • Queer Allied
  • Racial Justice Allied
  • Sex-Positive, Kink Allied
  • Sex Worker Allied
  • Single Mother Allied
  • Transgender Allied
  • Veterans

About Megan

Megan earned a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science from University of West Florida and a Masters of Social Work in 2021 from Arizona State University. Megan is a master’s level social worker and licensed in the State of Washington as a Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical (SC61548072). Megan is being supervised by Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Cydney Sindoni (LW61375977) and Leah Parker MS, LMHC (LH60767353).

Megan uses a Humanistic theoretical approach to working with clients and meets people where they are. She believes this is the basis for organic change that is long-lasting and personal.

Megan's areas of specialty are:

  • Anxiety
  • Co-dependency
  • Parenting
  • Pregnancy and Prenatal
  • Postpartum
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sex Therapy
  • Stress
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Transgender
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Women's Issues

A Message from Megan

Finding someone to confide in and share your struggles with can be challenging and honestly overwhelming. There are so many providers with so much experience, but can they understand you? More importantly, can they see you without judgment? If you are experiencing psychological pain, frustrations with life, or struggles with connection, these can only make this search more daunting.  In my practice, I empathize with this struggle and make it a point to meet you where you are. I utilize a humanistic perspective with my clients, meaning I believe people are innately good and we all have strengths that help us to navigate life. I also value honesty and integrity, meaning there are no secrets in your care and my conceptualization of your case. It is my job to bear witness to your life, be your partner in navigating the concerns you have, and help you to understand yourself. I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic approaches to help my patients to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. We will dig deep, make connections to other areas of your life, and consider what behaviors and thoughts are helpful in the present moment. For my patients, change begins with how they see their relationships and the world around them. They begin to consider unhealthy survival tactics and consider how to best change them. For me, the most important part of counseling is connection. Therapeutic alliance is the single best indicator of therapeutic outcomes. If I have a patient who does not feel we are a good fit, that’s absolutely okay! It is my job to help this person find the best fit for them, so they can begin improving their life. If you are looking for an authentic person who will utilize creativity, understanding, and compassion to best help you, I may be the right fit for you. The cases I am passionate about include complex trauma and generalized anxiety disorder. My favorite cases include people who are motivated to learn about themselves, are willing to consider different perspectives, are battling anxiety and are striving for inner peace.