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Groups and Workshops

We are pleased to offer the following groups and workshops for our community. While some groups are currently suspended due to pandemic restrictions, we are happy to offer workshops and groups that lend themselves to mask mandate and social distancing requirements. You may reserve your spot, and pay any associated registrations costs, securely online. 

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Teen LGBTA+ Group

Through education and empowerment, this summer group will provide LGBTQ+ youth with a safe community to explore their understanding of themselves and others. This group will increase knowledge and relationship-building skills for those identifying within the queer community. Discussions, art projects, activities, and games will increase feelings of connectedness and provide coping skills as you navigate your identity journey. 

Adult LGBTQ+ Group

Through honoring the power of community and connection, this month-long group will provide a safe space for adults (25-40 years old) in the LGBTQ+ community. This group will emphasis supporting its members through the connection of shared experiences, emotional support, and community building. Adults within the queer community will be encouraged to increase their understanding of their LGBTQ+ experience, increase relationship-building skills, and articulate their unique place within the queer community. 

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