Mental Health Counseling & Marriage and Family Therapy Supervision

Dr. Rudd has a PhD in Counseling and Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Counselor Education and Supervision. She is uniquely qualified to provide supervision to counselors seeking licensure. She meets Washington State requirements for supervision of Mental Health Counselors or Marriage and Family Therapists (does not hold AAMFT Approved Supervisor Credential).

She earned a Masters degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has worked in a number of clinical

settings from private practice, for-profit agency settings, non-profit agency settings, college counseling center, drug and alcohol and eating disorders. Currently Dr. Rudd is an Assistant Professor in the Mental Health Counseling Program.

Dr. Rudd believes strongly that supervision during the first few years of clinical practice sets the stage for future growth, success and decreased rates of burnout. Not only will you receive council on delivering sound clinical practice, navigating managed care and assistance through  challenging cases, but you will experience growth as a person and clinician.

Supervision will be tailored to identifying and practicing through theoretical orientation. Dr. Rudd practices an existential-humanistic theoretical lens, but is highly trained and knowledgeable in other orientations and techniques. Furthermore, you will become proficient in case conceptualization, diagnosis, treatment development and avoiding unethical practice.

Registered Play Therapist

Dr. Rudd has satisfied the education, training and supervision requirements to earn the Registered Play Therapist Supervisor (RPT-S) credential through the Association for Play Therapy. She has been active with the Association in both Nevada and Washington for the past nine years. Dr. Rudd served as President for the Nevada Association for Play therapy and is currently the President Elect for the Washington Association for Play Therapy. She is also a well-known​ speaker on play and sand tray therapy.

Dr. Rudd provides individual and group play therapy supervision to licensed or licensed-eligible individuals who would like to pursue a Registered Play Therapist credential. Due to Dr. Rudd's credentials as a RPT-S, supervisees will only need to receive 35 supervision hours (not more than 15 group supervision hours) and 335 hours of play therapy experience compared to 50 supervision hours and 500 experience hours with a non-RPT-S supervisor.

These supervision hours may be combined with supervision for Mental Health Counselor License or Marriage and Family Therapy License.

Fees and Requirements

  • 1 hour individual supervision: $100
  • Group Supervision (when available): $100 for two hours

Primary Supervision for Unlicensed or Provisional License Supervisees

If you are seeking supervision towards fulfillment of licensure requirements and you do not have a primary supervisor on site who is directly responsible for your care of clients this would be considered primary supervision. Dr. Rudd will provide primary supervision with the following requirements:

  • 1 hour of supervision per 10 hours of direct client contact per week (20 clients = 2 hours of supervision per week). This may be combined group and individual supervision.
  • Development of a supervision plan to include clinical and professional goals
  • Agree to provide video-taped counseling sessions quarterly or as requested
  • Will obtain Continuing Education Hours in ethics and suicide assessment
  • Will maintain professional liability insurance

Secondary Supervision for Unlicensed or Provisional Licensed Supervisees

If you receive supervision at your place of employment and would like to seek secondary supervision in addition to supervision received on site, you may determine both the frequency and amount of supervision. You will still meet to discuss your supervisory goals and develop a plan for your supervision experience.

Consultation Supervision for Licensed Professionals

If you are a licensed professional, you may find the benefits of consultation supervision helpful. You may elect to consult on an as-needed basis or request regular consultation appointments. This is especially beneficial for professionals in private practice.