Returning Clients


Welcome Back

Perhaps it has not been long since your last visit, or maybe it has been quite a while, regardless of the time that has passed you are always welcome back. We believe in cultivating a lasting relationship with each client or couple. When the initial episode of care is completed, or perhaps phased out, there will always be a standing invitation to return should your circumstances change.

Getting Restarted

Getting restarted in therapy is easy. Please follow the following steps to get scheduled.

Patient Portal

We use the patient portal through Theranest. If you are having problems logging into the portal, please use the contact form below to request your login information. Someone from our office will assist you in 2-3 business days.

Schedule Your Appointment

After updating your contact and insurance information in the patient portal you will then have an opportunity to schedule your appointment. In some cases, there may appear to be no appointment slots open. This simply means that your therapist has no openings and is likely booked. Please go forward in the calendar until you see open times. You may also contact the office to be put on the cancellation list should an appointment open up sooner.