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Kristin Cochran

Kristin Cochran MA, LMFT

License & Certifications

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus Certified
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified
  • Common Elements Treatment Approach Certified

Population Specialty

  • Children (ages 2.5-7)
  • Older Children and Tweens (ages 8-11)
  • Young Adults (18-28)
  • Couples 

Specialty Training

  • Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Population Ally

  • Body positivity
  • Impulse control disorders
  • Mood disorders

About Kristin

Kristin earned a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Spanish both from Whitworth University. She is licensed in the state of Washington as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Kristin has specialized in children and families using a Person-Centered Humanistic Approach within a Systemic framework.  This theoretical frame allows Kristin to assess your child's strengths and struggles while leveraging the power of your family support and engagement. The goal of her family work is to help parents understand their child on a deeper developmental level. This understanding, paired with the tools and strategies learned in sessions, will help children foster appropriate and healthy responsibilities and independence.

Kristin's areas of specialty are:

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Coping Skills
  • Depression
  • Divorce (children and family)
  • Family Conflict
  • Grief
  • Parenting
  • Women's issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Sexual abuse
  • Trauma and PTSD

A Message from Kristin

We aren’t meant to go through life alone. Life has many ups, downs and unexpected rough spots. Reaching out for support is healthy and necessary, but not always easy. I prioritize creating a safe nonjudgment space, to come and be your true authentic self. Change, healing, and growth is a process. I come along side my clients to encourage them, offer new perspectives, and tools to navigate on their unique journey.

I have many years of practical experience, in addition to my clinical practice working with children, teens, young adults, and their families. My experience includes specializing in the treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral challenges, and adjustment to changes in life.  As a marriage and family therapist, I am always considering how our relationships and roles shape our individual choices. My passion is to help you grow personally and create healthy, meaningful relationships.

Parents of young children (3-7yr): We often look forward to parenthood with great hopes and idealistic views. However these dreams are met with the reality of the immense responsibility of teaching these tiny humans to be healthy, productive members of society. If only they came with an instruction manual! I can come along side you, as you grow as a parent, to support healthy boundaries and ultimately become the safe, supportive agent that makes change in your child’s behavior and emotional wellbeing. Whether your child has experienced trauma, is struggling with tantrums and emotional outbursts, or other undesired behaviors like fighting with other children, dawdling when asked to do something, sassing, wining, or constant negative attention seeking, I can support you and your child. At this age therapy should be fun! I coach you, using evidence-based Parent Child Interaction Therapy, to play and have fun with your child, while building a strong bond that will ultimately result in a child that will trust and follow your rules.