Approach To Professional Consultation

Consultation is an important part of professional practice. Perhaps you are looking to build a new area into your practice or hoping to expand on something already established. Dr. Rudd has specialized training and experience in a number of practice or specialty areas:

  • Play therapy room set up and function
  • Play therapy, specifically child-centered play therapy
  • Ethical practice, including issues related to children of divorced or divorcing families
  • Building a private practice
  • Leadership
  • Supervision

Dr. Rudd will work with you to identify the desired outcome as a result of the consultation. For some this may be a brief 1/2 hour meeting and for others it may require multiple meetings.

Fees and Scheduling

Your specific needs will be considered when determining the time required and associated fees, but in general Dr. Rudd's consultation fees are $75 per 1/2 hour and $150 per hour.