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What Type of Therapist is the Best Fit for You?

All therapists ascribe to a particular theoretical model for conceptualizing and treating clients; however, a therapist’s style is unique. Here is a brief snapshot of our therapist’s approach to working with clients.

Dawn Craig (ages birth to 7): Dawn’s advanced training in a variety of child-centered modalities paired with her compassion and support for children ages birth to 7 years old makes her the ideal child therapist. 

Kristin Cochran (ages 2 to 16): Kristin’s training and experience using Parent Child Interaction Therapy is a great fit for parents and children who are struggling to overcome behavioral problems at home or school. She uses a person-centered and family systems framework to help children, teens and families overcome a variety of mental health issues.

Hilary Harris (ages 3-early adulthood):  Hilary’s client-centered, compassionate and empathetic nature paired with her training in play therapy and sand tray therapy are an excellent fit for young children and pre-teens. Hilary’s passion for helping others heal from trauma using EMDR is evident in her connection to clients. 

Liz Paasch-Catalano (ages 11-early adulthood): Liz’s compassionate and easy-going, and humorous personality, paired with her training in trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD and panic disorder treatment, allows her to connect effortlessly with pre-teens, adolescents and young adults. 

Ricky Sullivan-Hurt (ages 11- early adulthood): Ricky’s passion and experience working with teens for diverse backgrounds makes him a great fit for a variety of common issues faced by teenagers. He has designation as a substance use disorder professional allowing him to work with a wide range of substance, alcohol, and behavioral addictive behaviors. 

Meredith Thompson (ages 14 to early adulthood): Meredith builds a strong and trusting relationship with teens and young adults, through her genuine and compassionate approach. She uses a direct yet warm approach with her clients. 

Jenn Joralemon:  Jenn’s introspective and compassionate style driven by an existential-humanistic lens helps clients uncover truths about themselves that have otherwise been hidden. She helps clients get to know themselves on a deeper level. 

Katie Thomas:  Katie’s person-centered, genuine and compassionate approach, paired with her desire to cultivate unique relationships with each of her clients, makes her a perfect therapist for those who struggle with trauma, self-esteem or adjustment to life’s difficulty. 

Jane Werner:  Jane’s unconditional positive regard for her client’s, paired with her genuine, humorous, and interactive approach, make her an ideal therapist for someone who would like structure to their sessions, building new skills and want someone for whom they can be honest. 

Anthony Gapar:  Anthony’s humor, ease and aloha paired with his training in Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy and person-centered style, makes him the perfect therapist for someone who takes life too seriously, needs to let go of anger and is not afraid to laugh.

Keneesha Lloyd:  Keneesha’s genuine, compassionate and humours style, paired with her training in Emotionally Focused Individual therapy and attachment theory, make her the ideal therapist for someone who doesn’t hide who they are and just wants to be accepted.   

Ben Salzman:  Ben’s easy-going, client-centered demeanor allows clients to truly be themselves without judgement. Ben’s therapeutic style focuses on helping clients get unstuck, build new tools and find happiness that is meaningful to them.

Keneesha Lloyd:  Keneesha’s genuine, compassionate and humours style, paired with her training in Emotionally Focused Couple therapy, make her the ideal therapist for couples who have lost their way and cannot seem to reconnect, want the help of a therapist to identify a couple’s strengths, need to feel safe and secure to experience the wide range of emotions. 

Featured Therapist


Ben Salzman, MS, LMHC


Specializes in adults who struggle with depression, bipolar disorder or anger management. His use of CBT and DBT along with other behavioral techniques provide an evidence-based foundation for effective care.